Welcome To My Website

It Is A Nice Website

I hope that you enjoy your stay. It is a very nice website. It doesn't hurt anybody and tries its best to serve you top quality static HTML pages.

This website is written with Vim using VimWiki in the MediaWiki syntax. A Bash script then makes use of Pandoc to generate static HTML files from a template that I created. The files are served to you by the nginx webserver running inside of a Docker container.

This website has many great features. I have a Blog where I sometimes write about computers but usually rant incoherently until my fingers get tired, a page where you can go to send me money, and a digital Trophy Case.

About Me

I'm Romeo. My name isn't super common so if you came looking for a 5'7" dude in a rainy city then this is the right website.

If you would like to get in touch, you can send me an . If you want to encrypt it with my GPG key, that's cool. If you don't encrypt it, please include a joke in the email so the NSA employee will at least get a laugh out of it.

if you have a stick up your ass about needing written permission to use static resources that you found on the public internet, you need to stop taking yourself so seriously and steal this website.